Snow-Storm in August

Lecture: Snow Storm in August: Epicurean Delights of Beverly Snow

Designed in collaboration with Jefferson Morley, author of Snow-Storm in August

Washington D.C.’s first African American epicurean and restauranteur Beverly Snow revolutionized dining and cuisine in the capital city. A former slave, Snow treated the city to restaurant-style dining and intriguing menus. His establishment, the Epicurean, attracted an eclectic mix from the political A list to families out for dinner. We will explore historical recipes, dining traditions and legacy of Beverly Snow.

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About Snow-Storm in August by Jefferson Morley 


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From Random House:

In 1835, the city of Washington simmered with racial tension as newly freed African Americans from the South poured in, outnumbering slaves for the first time. Among the enslaved was nineteen-year-old Arthur Bowen, who stumbled home drunkenly one night, picked up an axe, and threatened his owner, respected socialite Anna Thornton. Despite no blood being shed, Bowen was eventually arrested and tried for attempted murder by district attorney Francis Scott Key, but not before news of the incident spread like wildfire. Within days Washington’s first race riot exploded as whites, fearing a slave rebellion, attacked the property of free blacks. One of their victims was gregarious former slave and successful restaurateur Beverly Snow, who became the target of the mob’s rage. With Snow-Storm in August, Jefferson Morley delivers readers into an unknown chapter in history with an absorbing account of this uniquely American battle for justice.

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